Thursday, December 9, 2010

3WW:-Judge, Nightfall, Safety

All packing was done. I was all set to go. Just few more things and everything will be all set.

I was really excited to go to the hostel as it wasn't my school hostel once again. It was college hostel and on the top of everything, new place, new friends, new environment. I wasn't nervous  as always. I was really happy.

There was only one thing which was I was worrying about. Due to safety reasons cell phones were not allowed in hostel.

"Damn, now how am I going to call someone and talk? Okay, lets get it straight, The One." I was thinking but could not see any way. 

It was been 3 months since we were talking to each other and it was really too less to Judge someone and if I would have, it would have been a mistake. 

As soon as the nightfall was approaching, my heart beats increased as I was supposed to travel over night and Mom-Dad were coming with me to set me up at new place. 

I was looking at the phone over and over like in every next second. 

"Can't he give me a call? Doesn't he know I am leaving today? How am I going to talk to him? What if the system would be so strict and I wont be able to talk to him?" lots of things kept creeping in my mind.

"Are you expecting some call, beta?" It was Dad.

Suddenly I came back in reality. "No, none Dad. I was just thinking if I have noted all the no.'s in my diary." I said smiling. 

I hated myself for being such an idiot. Why do I have to act so desperate?

"Why should I only bother? Let it be. Now I also wont call him. Who cares anyways." tough I was feeling really bad but I had no option but to console myself. 

"Everything's done? Have you packed your stuff completely?" Mom asked giving me packets of food. 

"Yeah." I said.

"What is wrong? Is everything okay? Why you look upset?" Mom was inquiring.

"Haan, No nothing. May be just because I am going to hostel, leaving everythingl here. I'll miss you all." I made a sad face to prove my words even tough it was a white lie.

"Well, as far as I know you, I really don't think you would be upset about it." Mom looked at me having a deep wrinkle in her eyebrows.

I gave her a look which meant "Mom, please don't start."

"No, I am just saying. May be it can happen with you but trust me, its really rare.." She smiled and left to get me more food packets.

I hated him more, because of him I behaved this way to Mom. 

Oh!! Again I started thinking about him.

Anyways there was no sign of any call now and I lost all my hope. 

It was all done now and we were all set to go.

The bell rang and I almost ran towards the phone. Heights of my bad luck Dad already picked up the call and had cut that off saying "Wrong number".

"Who was it" I asked Dad controlling my breathe so hard.

"Wrong number beta. Some guy was asking about someone named Ankur." He replied leaving me back feeling like smashing the phone on the floor.

It was him. I stood there still looking at the phone.

"Lets Go, Car has come." Dad called to go.

Leaving everything behind I left, to a new place. To get to know what fate has stored for me ahead.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Turn!!!

Complete revival of life I was feeling recently. A feeling which I never had experienced before was really strange for me and I really had no one to share or discuss with. 

My day used to begin with his thoughts and again I used to wait for the evening to talk to him once. It could be love or infatuation or anything, the thought did not even creep in my mind once. 

Days passed and time of departure was coming near. I was admitted in a college out of town and was supposed to move to hostel there really soon. My mind was putting its complete efforts to work something out. 

It was been almost 2 months since we were talking to each other. Once we thought of meeting on his birthday but it din't work out somehow.

It was few evenings before I left.

My eyes were tired of looking at the clock but the phone ring wasn't ringing at all.

It rang when I was about to give up.

"Hello" I almost ran and said trying to control my breathe.

"Hey" He sounded quite unlike always.

"How are you?" I asked. I was really running out of words.

"Good. You?" He whispered.

"Fine." I whispered back.

"Must be excited about college and all, yeah?" He asked. I could imagine him smiling.

"Yeah!! Sounds fancy no?" I tried to keep my tone as normal as I could.

"So when are you leaving?" He asked.

"Next weekend. What about you?" I was really feeling weird. 

"Not so sure yet. The admission sheet is yet to come" He said and just then my Mom called me to help her out with something.

"Hey, gotta go. Mom's calling." I said almost keeping the phone down.

"Hey, hey, how will I talk to you there. I heard cell phones are not allowed there." He asked instantly.

"Even the thought of leaving is making me feel demise." I wanted to say but "I'll call you from there and give you the no.. Why are you worrying? We'll talk tomorrow then, bye" I said instead, kept phone back and rushed out.

That time I din't know that I wont be able to talk to him for next 6 months otherwise Mom could have waited for some time more.