Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I stepped in unwillingly. It was my 1st day at college hostel which I was so excited about few days back but because I couldn't talk to him even once before leaving so was feeling really bad and it was plausible too. I felt so connected to him in last 2-3 months. My felt his existence attached to mine.

Well, Mom Dad had already left after settling me down here. I took a deep breathe standing near the window leaning over the wall. Pretty nice view my room had. Entire college garden I could see from there.

Cell phones were not allowed in the hostel and there were only 3 phone booths on each floor of hostel so getting your number wasn't so easy. I sat on my bed thinking about coming years which I was supposed to spend in this hostel.

"Open" I heard a voice outside my door which broke my thought process. Someone was knocking.

I opened the door to find a really thin short girl standing next to me with a huge bag "Hi, help me. Get my bags inside please." God! She had 3-4 really huge bags. I dragged them in without even saying a word.

"What you so upset about?" She asked. Why do some people irritate you so much. I ignored her and decided to clean my cup board which was tainted badly.

I nodded my head in denial. "Oh, I am sorry" She said with real sadness in her words. I popped my head out of my cupboard and looked at her in amazement. 

"You can't speak, right?" It was her time to look amaze. 

"Will you shut up?" I said. Some people are always there to make you mood worse. 

"Oh, missing your boyfriend already, yeah? Good, I better go get some water. This heat is killing me like anything" and she left the room singing some cheesy song.

"Idiot" I thought. But she left me thinking if he is really so important to me. Is it that boyfriend girl friend thing what people say. Oh, God, help me.

My mind needed some rest more than my body did. thinking about all complication when I slept, I couldn't know.