Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ahh Life..!!

"This place is such a mess" I uttered to myself looking and roaming all around in the hostel.
I went to STD booth so thought of whom to call.

Mommy? Naah; Dad? Naah; Bro?? Naah; Bro?? Naah..! Lots of shit going on in my head.

I knew whom I wanted to call but still its was hard for my mind to support the heart in the same way. What if he calls back and warden takes the call? What if she doesn't like it? Its just the second day here, I can not cause any disaster.

Too much pressure I was putting on my mind for no reason.

I promised him I would call him once I reach the hostel. Damn; why didn't Dad give me mobile phone.

All those thoughts crept in my mind what possibly a teen think of before the reality sheds away the clouds of dreams and rosy imaginations.

Meeting all the people around I was back in those walls where I was going to spend at least a year.. 

Life's crazy. Till the time you realize what you should have done; it goes Fuss like a balloon..! Doesn't it??


  1. Oooh...clouds of dreams! Will there be more to the story?

  2. Yes Betsy; there would be..! Soon..! But for the previous part you can refer to older posts..! Thanks for visiting..! :)

  3. "... before the reality sheds away the clouds of dreams and rosy imaginations ..." sometimes the hard part of growing up -

    Look forward to more of the story!!

  4. Looks interesting! :) A sequel to this would be there I'm sure!

  5. Interesting, different, emotive.

  6. Pretty good job Lalita! :)
    I hope the rest of the stay settles down nicely with you! :)

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