Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Link got just clicked!! 3WW:- Clutch, Delight, Happy

Okay!!! I was sitting there in my room near my study table and was looking at the piece of paper that Boy had put in my wallet with his no. on it. I am not going to call him and why should I.

“No, there is no way you are going to call him, Okay?? I tried to convince myself hard.

I was there again, sitting but near the phone table. The boredom overcame my convincing power. I picked up the receiver, dialed the no. but kept back. Again picked up and sat, even forgot the receiver was clutched in my hand

“No, no way. No, this is not happening. God” I sat idle, looking at the phone.

I was bored like hell. No one was home. My younger bro was on vacation at my cousin’s place and Mom-Dad was out of station. I was there with my grand parents and was really bored of playing games or watching TV. It was the long break after high school and before getting into college.

Whatever. Any ways what is really going to happen if even I call? I picked up the receiver and again dialed. It rang on the other side and I kept it back. The ring stopped and so the breathe did.

I stepped back. Oh God, what was happening? I never got so nervous ever before talking to anyone to shiver. I could almost see my hands shivering in the month of May, in those boiling summers.

I reached to fridge for a bottle of water but I almost dropped it hearing the ring of phone.

“It’s him!!! It’s him for sure.” Someone shouted inside me. I gathered all my courage which was left in me and walked up.

“Hello” My sound was almost dead that it wasn’t even audible to me.

“Yes, who’s this?” I heard a sound which was completely breathless. In one instant many thoughts crossed my mind or better to say many reasons crossed my mind. Reasons for loosing your breathe.

“Sorry, I dialed the wrong no.”, I heard myself saying and was about to put the phone back on the receiver, I heard a laugh.

“No, you dialed the wrong no Honey. I knew you would call” He said.

Hell, No. I died 10 times in one moment. Not because he recognized me but because I gave a wrong impression by calling him now.

I had to do something now so I said “obviously, how dared you to put my no. in my wallet?” and realized how dumb I sounded.

And expected answer I got “so that you could call.” And again he laughed.

I smiled and don’t know why his answer didn’t annoy me, even I liked it. I felt delighted.

We talked for like two hours or more, I don’t know.

We talked about things. We made sense even talked nonsense. Talked about each other’s things and life. I felt really happy. Out link just got clicked.

I didn’t know that time, that where it’ll lead me or better to say Us.

Does it really happen that you find someone strange very own and close?? 
From 3WW:-

From Three words Wednesday


  1. I loved reading this .. makes me a bit nostalgic !

  2. Strange are the ways we behave when alone bored and with no company. That ran smoothly :)

  3. I like the concept and you really pulled it through to the end.

  4. yeup i do :)

    goood writing :)

  5. Tense write with the indecision and uncertainity. Nice happy ending!

  6. Life really get turned up and down!! Doesn't it!! :)