Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I was born again!! 3WW:-Advance, Pander, Shuffle

May 12, 2006; 23:50hrs; My Parents Bedroom.

It was one day or better to say 10 minutes before my 17th birth day. Dad was out of town for his work but Mom and I was at home.  

I was waiting for my Mom to go to have bath as she always takes before going in the bed. I was sitting there near the phone which my Mom thought that I must be expecting few 1st wishes from people but the real reason only I knew.

“Why would I actually expect any advance wishes when I wanted someone special to wish me 1st?” I thought even though he was not that special also as I’ve known him only from a week. Well, being a teenage you really don’t think much about pros and cons and priorities get shuffled automatically.

So as soon as my Mom went out I picked up the phone and dialed the no. which I had by heart 1st time in my life. After few rings I heard that sleepy but familiar voice.

“Hello” only I heard and I felt my heart almost in my throat.

“Hi” I could say. “Nothing had ever made me speechless like this than what happens when I talk to him”, I really wondered.

The longing for hearing his voice was really pander but it didn’t even come in my mind that time.

“What made you call me so late in night?” He was still in sleep.

“It’s my birth day today so I wanted you to wish me 1st” and I said it without even caring how dumb I might have sounded. I really forgot all the rehearsal I did to talk to him.

“Oh, Great! Wish you a very happy birth day. God may bless you with everything. Is there anything else too what people normally say?” and he laughed.

“No, thank you so much. We will talk later.” I wanted to put the phone ASAP as my Mom was about to come back anytime.

“What? When?” I heard him saying when I was about to disconnect it.

“Tomorrow may be in evening” I said smiling.

I was smiling even after I kept the phone back. I was too small to understand these feelings kind of things but still the wait for evening and my rehearsal of talking started as soon as I went in my bed, Who cares who else calls to wish now.

To be continued....


  1. The best birthday present huh! Jae :)

  2. The joy, the thrill, of the first loving connection! Ahhh memories!

  3. Interesting. I read this, and a couple other postings, to get a feel for your genre.

    You have interesting characters.


  4. I like this one. The story is familiar and well told, and having lots of small paragraphs worked well to give it a phone conversation feel.